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    2020-21 Transfer Portal Thread

    No. However, he has sat and waited for more than a year now. It seems more likely he would go to a program where immediate playing time is more likely, that’s all.
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    RV Explosion in downtown Nashville this morning

    Looked like an attack on property, carefully done to avoid harming others. When they found remains it was likely the bomber deliberately took himself out. Rather straight forward really. Nuts as can be, but deliberate and calculated. His means were messy, that’s all.
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    RV Explosion in downtown Nashville this morning

    Beginning to look like a suicide.
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    Utah star Freshman running back killed

    He will forever be young, strong, and promissing. Bless his friends and family.
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    2020-21 Transfer Portal Thread

    Taisun was the 4* QB from Connecticut Phil was mentioning. DJ is not going anywhere, he’s the mega star QB for Clemson who starts next year He would be interesting, though why would he go PSU with ClifforD and Levis here?
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    Anybody shoot your eye out yet?

    Not yet, but the day is young.
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    Christmas Day Beverage of Choice

    I opened a grab bag gift from work and there it was - a bottle of Gallo Strawberry Wine. It’s wet, so what the hell? It took me back to 1970 and Boone’s Farm shared in the woods with my friends. You know what? Being back in the woods with my friends, just for a moment, was good.
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    For unto you is born this day.......

    Merry Christmas to you. God bless your family. Dad made brunch- Omelettes Fried potatoes Bacon Cinnamon buns Orange juice Coffee Toast BLTs for those who luv em We opened presents, but my real gift was having my daughter, my son and his fiancé, and my wife with me. Who knows how many times I...
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    Breck, Keystone, Summit County condo/lodging help

    My son and his fiancé and a few of her friends leased a house in Summit only to cancel back in March. They decided to lease again for late January. There is a ton of info on line. Note- Restaurant service indoors is very limited. No service to people from multiple households. $5000 fine if...
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    Which Big Ten team did it best?

    Excellent for NW. No excuses there. I would not expect them from Pat Fitzgerald.
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    Which Big Ten team did it best?

    Iowa did best. They played well, navigated Covid and were ready to play, and kicked our ass and took names. They performed, we made excuses.
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    Question about NLC Membership without Season Tix

    Don’t pay the NLC one cent. According to the Franklin fan boys those of us who have given our cash to the NLC are owed nothing by the program and should keep our mouths shut about the losing program. We should just bend over and take whatever we are given in return for our funding. So F it...
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    OT: The Beatles Get Back Peter Jackson Documentary

    It was ok. It was entertaining. Ed Sheeran was in it playing himself, which I did not expect.
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    OT: The Beatles Get Back Peter Jackson Documentary

    I was growing up when the Beatles young and producing their classics. I even had a drum kit with the classic Beatles logo. The other night a bunch of us were naming our top ten songs and my wifE noted that nobody included a Beatles song on their list! We had Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, The...
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    what if Justin Fields had kept his commitment to Penn State?

    Everyone knows D’alessandros is the best steak in Philly.
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    Dabo voted Buckeyes #11 in Coaches Poll

    Unlike some other coaches Dabo typically backs up his statements.
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    Shane Simmons hangs 'em up

    Best of luck to Shane Simmons as he leaves Penn State.
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    Penn State opts out of bowl per***

    Ah,you can go no further than Coach Franklin as quoted prior t o the 2014 bowl. He stated "These bowl practices will be really valuable in terms of getting ready for our opponent, but also building for our future and development." Quoted Dec 6, 2014 by Greg Pickel on PennLive. The fan boys who...
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    Penn State opts out of bowl per***

    No asterisks. Teams that won put out the effort, faced the same challenges as the losers, and found a way to success. Look at what we have at the top now. The same teams we would have had without Covid. Elite coaches, elite players, and elite programs. Losers find a way to lose. Anyone who...