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    Is Q the future Republican party?

    LOL there you go with that insurrection nonsense. Some insurrection, a guy kicking back in Nancy's office. How long did they actually occupy the Capital?? Most went quietly when arrested in the Capital. Where we all the guns? They made the Boston Tea Party look like trench warfare in WW1. But...
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    Is Q the future Republican party?

    Yea right. Explain why Dems are always kissing Antifa's ass. Even Biden didn't want to call them out.
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    Multiracial Whiteness

    I guess calling then Uncle Toms or oreos had too negative of a connotation from a racial prospective. We needed a new word to call minorities that assimilate into conservative society.
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    Who forced Biden to do this?

    This is what happens when Diversity & Inclusion Focus Groups get a say in things.
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    BREAKING: XENOPHOBE BIDEN wants travel ban....

    Panic??? I guess you don't know a bunch of Reps having a good laugh over Biden's incompetence when you see them.
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    Biden picks Levine

    Talk about a dog face pony . . . .
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    Woo Hoo!!!! Today is Blue Monday....the most depressing day of the year.

    At least you don't have to worry about eating that annoying fiber today 'cuse it's all coming out tonight.
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    Mike Zordich: done at MI and any room for him here?

    That is because he is the dad of the Zordich you are thinking of.
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    Coach Limegrover (siap)

    Talent/recruiting also dropped off late in Dick's career. A lot easier to coach up guys that are naturally gifted.
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    True, a fair number of Trace's downfield chunk plays were under thrown balls, some severely under thrown, that the WR beat the DB for the ball.
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    He doesn't run anywhere close to 4.4 . If he did he'd be opting out for the NFL draft. Dodson has great route running but he is not the guy to take the top of the defense, that person doesn't exist on our roster. From what I've read, Yannich's offense is going to have the same struggle we...
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    Can't just star down one receiver until the pocket collapses and panic mode sets in. If you watched the Coach whose videos of our offense get posted regularly here you might be surprised. His break down of Yannich offense really showed there isn't a lot of "progressions" available in these...
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    Facts available??? LOL that is a good one. Please show me those facts.
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    Sorry if you can't handle the truth. Obviously you user name tells it all. Maybe one of these days a couple of guys will be able to pull you out of CJF's a$$.
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    Sure we recruit them, we had Field as a commit. We just can't keep them when the Big Boys start calling.
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    Difference beteen a normal play and an explosive play??? You hand the ball of the the RB on an inside zone play, the normal play is most RBs who plow a head for a yard or two when there is nothing there, the explosive play is Saquon Barkley who sees there is nothing there, jump cuts to the...
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    FC: James Franklin presser....

    True. I don't think we have a WR that runs a sub 4.4, I don't believe we have one coming in with 2021 recruiting class. KC did his best with the cards he was dealt. KC put a bunch of explosive play on us when he was at Minny so his scheme has that potential. It's the same old, same old...
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    Steve Cohen: National Guardsmen Who Voted for Trump Are a Threat to the Capitol Building

    I agree but please let me know which congressman was harmed. Given how easily the capitol police rolled over, it they wanted to harm congressmen/women they would have.
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    Biden already pissing off Canada

    LOL, unions have been in a steady decline while under Obama suddenly they are going to make a comeback under Biden??? That is a good one.
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    Is Q the future Republican party?

    I guess if way less than 5% of Reps what to go off and form their own party have at it.