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    FBI vetting National Guardsmen assigned to inauguration duty.

    larry larry larry, the only idiots dividing the country are bigoted awholes like you! I understand you were brainwashed by your parents, who even hated Catholics in Tamaqua, however, paaalease, get in some therapy sessions! Your continue hatred of all things, other than your extreme narrow...
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    Evan Clark

    Yep! After the war, I drove my cousin to a couple tryouts. Despite the fact that looking south, his curve went from Pitt to Philly and down the turnpike at a consistent 91+ mph, his time from mound to first was to slow. Speed, or lack there of, kills!
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    OT: Getting rid of old computers

    I live on the edge of the city border (have taken many bucks with the ole Mathews, including an 11 point, I just climb). Have a ladder stand there too, however, prefer climbing higher and not always the same tree!). Anyway, there is a big bolder at the edge of my lot. Lay the HD on it and...
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    OT: Calculations show it would be impossible to control AI.

    Yikes! Larry, what are you doing posting on Mr. McAnrew's board?
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    Anyone fish Glacier?

    You fisherman will find this interesting! Before I was drafted, I worked for Weyerhaeuser out of Klamath Falls, OR. They set me up with this HS school science teacher who worked for them during summers. He knew the area, I knew how to cruise timber. He was really into fishing and we went to...
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    Our padre had a good college fooball anecdote tonight!

    He normally begins his homilies with a little humor. "A five star recruit, with low SAT's commits. His HS teachers had informed the college coach that he was a good student, however, did not do well with written exams. Coach asks Dean to give him oral exam. First question, 7x7=? Player...
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    Thing you need to know about tnlion

    He can't help himself, as he was reared in Tamaqua by bigots, who even hated Catholics! If you are a Catholic, think X2 about giving him any support as, he hates you because you!!!
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    As a centrist, I am compelled to jump in here. I can't understand trump support!

    Voter registrationcard states: NON-PARTISAN! Hey, awhole, draft dodging donny, KARMA IS A BITCH! I have zero qualms referring to him as such! I was drafted, reported, and no one checked my feet during my physical. I was wounded on Shakey's Hill in Cambodia 70 and witnessed comrades perish on...
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    Anyone using a hyaluronic acid serum?

    WTF Bob, nothing personal, however, I certainly hope you are asking this question because your babe or wife asked you to. I mean, what effing guy cares a rat's butt whether their skin is pump or not?:rolleyes:
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    The personality of your health care provider (personal not benefits) is a significant contributing factor!

    My wife, PSU, BSN for decades and three of the four children's families are in health care. Oldest daughter is married to a Pediatric Gastroenterologist; second oldest is NE manager for pharmaceutical corp and youngest daughter is an Anesthesiologist/Intensivist, married to Retinal Surgeon...
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    OT: For the retired posters on the board, how often do you shave?

    At least for me, there is less "mask" avove my mouth than below, pull down, so les to pull up!
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    OT: For the retired posters on the board, how often do you shave?

    Average about every other day. It used to be for sure on Sundays regardless, however, with the mask thing I don't worry about that any more. Pull it down two seconds for communion and back up!
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    Don't get old

    I'm not sure how old my dad was when he started saying that, however, it was one of his favorite things to say! He'd be 93 now if he was still with us!
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    7 years ago today...Bill O’Brien announces he’s leaving PSU

    For gosh sakes, that better be part of your personality coaching football, especially at that level. My coach was loved in the community, however, if you'd have been around him in the locker room or on the field, you'd have viewed him as a real p****! I respect him for not being a phony "nice...
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    7 years ago today...Bill O’Brien announces he’s leaving PSU

    Indeed and part of that was his personality and resume was enough that the team leaders bought into him!
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    Should you happen to be in the Orlando area, be sure to visit...

    BLUE SPRING STATE PARK where the gators and manatees roam! It was pretty awesome! Our daughter took us there Tuesday!
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    RV Explosion in downtown Nashville this morning

    5TH Battalion 7th CAV, 1st CAV Division Air Mobile! For most of my nine months in 70, I was an RTO. I was tricked in to it! Commanding officer making small talk asks, "Anyone go to college?" Next thing I know, being ordered in "the field"! Court martial to refuse! One did not want to be an...
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    First Quarter 4th and 3 Call... Why are we doing this? O'B tape accidentally got mixed in with the "I" tapes! CJF's brain just shouted, "Hey, he did 100% of the time, what the hell?!"
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    Tackling! I know, I know, there is a thread with 401 replies, but however, what Joe said...

    deserves a separate thread. CJF's concussion issue aside, Joe, our bible holy grail in one, stated on TV QBs, "It is something you can somewhat improve but can't really teach, as it comes natural to some but not others!" He stated it the vein of, "It is what it is!"