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  1. eidolon21

    FC: Bowens in the portal. Update: BOOMER SOONER.

    maybe play CB threre ??
  2. eidolon21

    It looks like Tennessee is dismissing Pruitt

    Like the "Biscuits" on that picture 😉
  3. eidolon21

    NY Mets trade for four time all star Francisco Lindor

    hmmm Dodgers and Yankees are the biggest spenders
  4. eidolon21

    Clemson holds onto starters

    You know you don't have to be a Senior to go to the NFL draft. Can you assess the draft chances of the other 9 Starters on the Clemson D? please. Penn State is losing several non-Seniors to the draft this year. If not, that's fine.
  5. eidolon21

    Clemson holds onto starters

    "Wow. With Turner (6'1/205) announcing that he will return for another run, the Tigers will return all 11 starters on the defensive side of the football. The redshirt senior etc,etc". I just don't see how they do it. Any ideas? 😉
  6. eidolon21

    Page Spiranac - I'm not a Build A Bear

    ummmm....more pictures, less talk please:)
  7. eidolon21

    To my Fellow Septuagenarians....

    😎 wow mindreader or something playing in my brain all week-end
  8. eidolon21

    2022 Recruiting Class Thread

    suggest you guys "slow your roll." please try to manage your expectations. one or two very good players at positions of need would be great.
  9. eidolon21

    OT: Calculations show it would be impossible to control AI.

    The super AI may already exist. Why would it let us know. Survival of the Fittest
  10. eidolon21

    2021 Recruiting Class Thread

    More like 25 of the top 100....10 go pro every year, the misses transfer... Life is good at Bama!
  11. eidolon21

    What book(s) are you currently reading?

    Far Tortuga a different sort of lyrical prose for sure🤔
  12. eidolon21

    OT: What are the first two things that pop in your head

    Remove that Bikini top. Baby!!!
  13. eidolon21

    Discovery in space: FM radio signal coming from Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

    Klaes Ashford Lives Drummer will rescue him!!!
  14. eidolon21

    So our new OC

    CJF had to move fast. Urbs assembling his staff for Jacksonville!!
  15. eidolon21

    UoM and / vs Harbaugh -- contract extension

    At Michigan is it a 5 year contract or one year contract?? What is a 5 year contract with revised lower buy-out? Sound like a one year and gone Contract.;);)
  16. eidolon21

    2020-21 Transfer Portal Thread

    What??? No Columbus return ?? Just sayin'
  17. eidolon21

    Steelers and Eagles draft 2021

    A lot of these strategies are un reasonable given the Steelers will be picking around 20 in the first round. four or five OTs will be off the Board at that point :mad: