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Willie had an eye opening show about college wrestlers being tampered by boosters to get kids from other teams into the transfer portal. He said AAs and national champions have been contacted, including PS kids(RBY?). All of this is, of course, is an NCAA infraction. Apparently Iowa and Michigan are being reported for these infractions and possibly others. D1 coaches are obviously very upset, including Cael. This is a lot more than just Real Woods. Steve Buchanan from Wyoming was one name mentioned. Its a mess out there right now..

USA COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

this thread is for daily updates on vaccinations given per day in the USA, and discussion about that.

I'm separating this out from the COVID-19 Testing & Treatment thread that's been on the board for most of the pandemic in the hope that thread can continue to focus on COVID-19 testing & treatment, and this thread can focus on COVID-19 vaccinations in the USA.

And while this seems to be a challenge for some of you when discussing this subject, please do not bring politics into this thread.

Kolat in high school

I didn’t really want to start a new thread on this but didn’t see a good one to post it

On tHR there has been a few posts on which I participated comparing SLee’s high school career to Kolat’s.

I found the old Midlands brackets; see

Kolat wrestled there in 1989 as a 10th-grader and in 1990 as an 11th grader, placing 3rd and 4th, respectively.

In 1990, he lost 2-1 to 1988 Olympian Ken Chertow. Chertow would go on to win Midlands that year, beating that season’s NCAA Champ Terry Brands 7-4 in the final.

In the consolation semi-final, Kolat beat Shawn Charles, who would place 5th at NCAAs that season.

In the consolation final, he lost in OT to Adam DiSabato, who would go on to place 6th at NCAAs that year.

I just can’t imagine a high school junior entering an open tournament and, say, losing 2-1 to Gilman in the QFs, beating Pat McKee in the consolation semifinal, and then losing in SV to Brandon Courtney in the 3rd place match. Unreal.

FC: ESPN takes on Penn State once again

For those who were wondering what the reported ESPN storyline (long storyline) would be a while back, here it is on the 10th anniversary of the Sandusky scandal from ESPN.
EDIT: for those who are already upset, or not wanting to view/dignify ESPN (I understand), clique at your own risk. It’s not flattering and quite lengthy