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Perfect example of how Biden gets things done.

Throw money at something with no leadership and no plan. I propose every teacher gets an electric pick up truck with a charger in an assigned parking spot. That will prevent covid.
Localy we are now giving a 500k great for a weed farm. When will reality hit.
Remember how the dems said this money was needed so schools could reopen safely? He knew better. In fact we all knew better except for the lemmings.

Truth According to Biden and Dems

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Biden blatant lies about his academic record are hilarious. Fits in very well with the party of Hillary Clinton
I'd call it "The Big Lie" but there were so many of them.

Amazingly libs believe him that he misremembered. You don't misremember that you received 3 degrees instead of one or that you finished at the top of your class instead of near the bottom. The fact is his lies are flagrant.

SF bishop bans Pelosi from communion

It seems to me that communion is being withheld from Nancy because of her conduct falls perfectly into the scenario I laid out below, not because the Bishop of SF has decided to use withholding communion as a "political weapon". What makes that statement even more bizarre is that no one could ever accuse the Bishop of SF of being a "political" enemy of the Soc/Dems. That's just ludicrous. . No, this is the Pope just making it all right for his political soul mates to get away with murder (so to speak).....rank has its privileges, I guess.

I'm no theologian but the simple logic of your statements just escapes me. The following makes a lot more sense (and is a much more honest analysis) to me:

1. Under Catholic doctrine, abortion is a sin.
2. Those who support, promote or enable someone to sin are sinning themselves
3. To receive communion one has to be in a state of grace....attained by purging their sins through confession.
4. Absolution can't be granted in confession by a priest if the person seeking absolution either doesn't admit what he/she is doing is a sin, or recognizes it is a sin and fully intends to keep committing that sin.
5. To seek and take communion while having a mortal sin on your soul is committing a sacrilege.
6. If one repeatedly commits a sacrilegious act, they can/should be excommunicated from the church

is that about right?

Now if you accept that Joe and Nancy are receiving communion as a fact, I think you have to admit that Nancy and Joe should be in line for #6 above. Unless, of course, the Pope can unilaterally change church doctrine and declare it all nonsense and let the abortionist enablers go scot free. I suppose that's possible, but doesn't he have to make it generally known he's done that? Just telling your political fellow travelers doesn't seem like it could be enough to me. If he doesn't have that authority/power, then he fits into the above analysis as well. Who do I write to in the Curia to start the excommunication proceedings against the Pope?
I really don’t care about your theology.
But I will leave you all with this: thank God for the Jesuits, Cardinal Gregory, and Pope Francis: Login to view embedded media I stand with the Vicar Of Christ.

How Low Will It Go (Stock Market)

We have Herschel Walker running for the Senate - endorsed by our illustrious past president. Don't confuse Herschel with John Urschel. One is a genuine genius. The other was a guy who played for Georgia and we beat him for the National Championship in 1982. I would rather have Curt Warner run!! We have Republicans banning abortions all over the country. You get raped and you must carry that fetus for nine months - everyday a reminder of what happened to you. Yeah, we are the whackos. You had a past president that would not give arms to Ukraine unless they blew some exaggerated story on Joe Biden's son. Yeah, we are the whackos. And of course, guns don't kill people. As a gun owner, mine won't. But obviously letting any whacko purchase a gun - then guns do kill. I have to pass a test to drive a car - but we don't want background checks and want to give any idiot the right to carry concealed weapons. That way they can shoot up a bar or restaurant when they get a snoot full. I am a conservative, but I refuse to join the legions of immature, low intelligence whackos. The monopolies in the oil industry and the baby formula industry (Abbott) were in place way before Biden came on board. The oil companies just announced the greatest profits in their history. Yet, many can't afford a tank of gas! We are run by WHORES who have one concern --- reelection AT ANY COST!! They will sell their souls to the devil to get reelected. Please, TERM LIMITS!! Make them work again and struggle like the rest of us.

If you’re a REAL Doctor, please tell me where you work so I can avoid your medical advice at all costs. You sound like you get all your News from Stephen Colbert and the crying Jimmy Kimmel.

My guess is you told us how bad the vaccines were when Trump was fast-tracking them through Operation Warp Speed, and then turned a 180 the day Biden took Office.

If not for Trump and Operation Warp Speed, based on the galactic ineptitude of your buddies we now have in Office, you guys would probably still have us under lock down.

Oh ya. You DO know that “Russia Gate” was a Hillary invented hoax, and that Hunter’s laptop actually exists, right???? Welcome to 2022.

More GOP Shenanigans How shocking.

Oh Danny,

When you rely on biased sources such as AOL, MSNBC and Comcast for your “news updates”, you are vulnerable to missing the bigger picture.

Here’s another good Turley article. He’s better at “law” than you, wouldn’t you agree?
No, Jon-Jon, I don't agree. But you go, Trump Cultist. Two yellow guys. :cool: :cool:


So im back from aardvarkjr getting his aero eng degree at uva today. As I’m sitting on the lawn killing time before commencement I came across this passage from coverage of yesterdays college of arts and crafts ceremony:

Kathleen McPhillips, a Charlottesville native who double-majored in economics and environmental thought and practice, said being in the marching band with Strelser and getting to witness many of UVA’s biggest sports victories – including the 2019 win over Virginia Tech – was a highlight of her time.

“Environmental thought”? I mean at least they’ve dropped the “science” charade.

So todays grad was docs, architects, commerce, lawyers, nurses and engineers, or, as the commencement speaker put it, “the part of the class that can actually do something”.

when my dad graduated high school in the 30s in his mining town, my grandfather gave him a silver dollar which he carried with him for the rest of his life. Sadly we lost that, but today I gave my son a proof Jefferson/Monticello silver dollar

Congratulations to your son.

A proud moment.