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'Anti-woke' MAGA bank is shutting down after mismanagement, general sucking


It's a sad week in America. It's also a sad week for billionaire anti-everything troll Peter Thiel, former Mike Pence Chief of Staff Nick Ayers, omnipresent fascist talking head Candace Owens, and a host of other archconservative investors. Mostly, it’s America that has suffered a loss. As first reported by The Wall Street Journal, the first self-proclaimed anti-woke "bank" in the nation is dying a hot flaming bankrupt death only a few brief months after opening for business.

That "anti-woke" bank called itself GloriFi, a portmanteau of "glory" and "financial malpractice" that premised itself on being, well, not woke. No, that was the whole gimmick. It was going to be a bank for MAGA-type Republicans who didn't want to put their money in a bank unless it catered to gun-toting, white nationalism-adjacent flag-humping cultural anti-wokeness. Among its appeals to the (ahem) Trumpy class were, as Rolling Stone puts it, "plans to offer gun owners discounts on home insurance, credit cards made of shell casing material, and assistance paying legal bills if customers shot someone in self-defense."

You can glean from this description what all the people involved with this new bank believed "anti-woke" to mean. "Woke" means not getting to shoot at people you don't like, and "anti-woke" means getting a discount on financial products if you do shoot people you don’t like. There's no singing “America the Beautiful” for this crowd—it was guns, guns, murder, and guns.

It turns out that was not, by itself, a sufficient business plan. The Journal had previously noted that the plan to make credit cards out of shell casing metal turned into a big oops because the people promising such a thing hadn't realized that making a credit card out of metal might "interfere with security chips and potentially be too thick for payment terminals," which is one of those science-type oversights that you're going to get when your biggest-brained ideas revolve around "what would sound like a good idea to the sort of people who think Donald Trump was history's smartest president."

Mind you, there were probably a lot of people out there who wanted a credit card-shaped object made out of shell casing metal and didn't give a damn if it wasn't actually functional as a credit card. Many of them are also the sort who like to take assault rifles into Chipotle so that they can look more intimidating when the barely minimum-wage cashier explains to them that their credit card-shaped paperweight doesn't actually do anything. But there aren't enough of those sorts of people to base an entire financial institution around, because those sort of people have already spent all their money on guns. Their portfolio consists of ammunition, not mutual funds.

There's a much less prosaic reason for the failure of the Thiel-Ayers-MAGA startup, however. In a well-written bit of journalism by The Wall Street Journal last October, the Journal revealed that the startup was already looking quite, uh, doomed. The startup was run out of co-founder Toby Neugebauer's 16,000 square foot mansion in Dallas, Texas, and the Journal's sources portrayed Neugebauer as a frequently drunk, often "volatile" executive who would berate employees and vendors and was rapidly losing the confidence of investors.

If "anti-woke" means putting your money into a "bank" run out of a belligerent rich drunk's house, it turns out that most people would rather be "woke" after all. Go figure! We won't lie, it's a bit of a shock to all of us who thought "hand over all your money to a rich drunk guy" was the very heart of conservatism.

That's that, then. We’ve got ourselves the financial equivalent of a dead parrot. It wasn't even two full months ago that fascist figurehead Owens was touting this weird gun-obsessed startup as something that "will overtake Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase & #Paypal very quickly." Now it's cooked like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Not that, you know, any of the people who were conned into giving the "bank" money will take any lessons from this, mind you. The customers this "anti-woke" bank was courting were the sort of people who wouldn't mind giving their money to a weird half-bank founded in a belligerent drunk guy's living room if it meant potentially getting discounts on legal fees for shooting somebody. These aren't the sort of people who learn "lessons."

Russian Soldiers are freezing to death in Ukraine

Shocking videos that have circulated online in recent weeks tell a tragic story. The videos, shot by the Ukrainian brigades’ hovering drones, depict Russians in the late stages of hypothermia, so cold and sick that they barely react when the drones drop lethal improvised bombs on them.

Thomas Theiner, an ex-soldier who currently is a filmmaker in Kyiv, predicted winter “would kill more Russian soldiers than Ukraine ever could.” He may have been right.

Winters in Ukraine start wet and cold then get colder and drier. Eastern Ukraine still is in the wet-cold phase—and it’s brutal. Deep mud mires armored vehicles. Daytime temperatures hover around freezing and during the night they dip closer to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

With preparation, sound leadership and reliable logistics, the conditions are survivable. Soldiers bundle up, sleep in roofed, heated trenches with floors, frequently change their wet socks and eat twice as much as they would on warm days. When they get sick, they evacuate to the rear for rest.

The problem for the Russian army is that more and more of its troops are untrained draftees. Officers aren’t leading from the front. And Russian logistics are strained by nonstop Ukrainian bombardment. Starving draftees with no gloves or good boots are huddling in shallow, unheated trenches while their officers squat in abandoned houses potentially miles away, unaware or uncaring as their soldiers succumb to the elements.

Pennsylvania just elected a brain dead, walking heart attack to the US Senate in John FetterMoron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way-to-go, PA, the dumbest, most moronic state in the entire country, bar-none!

There’s nothing but a bunch of brain dead, walking zombies that live in this god-forsaken state!

Pennsylvania, has officially become the laughing stock of the world following this election!

Leave it up to the democrats to literally run candidates originating from dumpsters to be their nominees!

Alan Dershowitz Doesn't Agree that oath keepers were guilty of sedition

Listened to about 5 minutes of his post. He went through the sorry history of sedition laws. (used against people who protested WWI and disagreed with foreign policy in first couple of presidencys) He says he disagrees with using sedition laws to weaponize dissent. (about 5:58) Dems are using criminal statutes to wage war. Where are sedition prosecutions against Antifa.

Does Michigan's recent dominance over Ohio st change the recruiting equation?

The 23 class is not set in stone and it probably has more impact on '24 and '25. But Ohio St now has the #6 class in '23 and I cannot remember how long ago it was that they didn't sign the #1, 2, or 3 class in the country. They have more 5 stars on their current roster than the entire big 10 combined. But Michigan has not just beaten them twice in a row with less talent, they have absolutely embarrassed Ohio St 2 years in a row with much less talent.

Michigan is sitting at the #20 class for '23 which is also a little worse than usual. But does the equation change in the future? I mean Michigan is clearly the top big 10 team and Ohio St is a distant 2nd right now despite having way higher talent on the roster. Does this put Day on the hot seat? Some in the media are already calling for Day to get replaced by Meyer. Do 5 star recruits want to sign up to get pounded annually by their hated rival to the north that has much less talent?